I dare you to join this devious dinner? Melvin, Marigold, Morgana and Murial invite you to an evening filled with deathly excitement.

Come and splurge on poisoned candied apples (which far outshine the pathetic apples of the evil queen), dragon roasted bone marrow, the most delicious pumpkin pies, chicken feed pot pies (a family recipe from the famous Baba Yaga herself), or a sinful devil's food cake (thank you, Uncle Mephistopheles).

Maybe, my dear friend, a glass of wine or a vial of fresh, still warm blood will help to wash away all your doubts if to join or not- because what bad can happen with this splendid array of company nestled between the most beautiful blooming wisterias?

Don´t be afraid! They don´t bite - at least not all of them.

This illustration is part of the Drawtober Challenge 2023 | Prompt DEVIOUS DINING
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